Hey, Y’all I’m Ashley Redick, the owner and CEO of Mise en Scene Events which is an event planning company based in Omaha. Planning events is more than a job for me. It’s a calling filled with purpose, passion and grace. It’s something I do with my heart since my core goal is to make every client’s dream event come into reality. Each event is handcrafted with precision to meet the taste and desire of my clients. Seeing each client happy gives me the satisfaction that I have fulfilled my calling in providing value and happiness to them.

Before starting my business, I always dreamt of becoming a first-generation entrepreneur since my aspiration was to create generational wealth for my family while curating a long-lasting legacy. I am a servant leader, a proud wife and a mother of three beautiful children who have already begun their entrepreneurship journey. In honoring my parents’ memory, I see value in mentoring the youth since I believe in helping others grow to become the truest version of themselves.

The genesis of my business occurred as a party planner company, but soon flourished into full event planning. I am blessed to have an amazing team who understands each process and detail behind planning an event. As a team, we eat, sleep and dream events since it is more of a lifestyle than a job. Our passion is thriving and creativity is endless as we serve each client in making their vision become a reality. As a small business, my dream is to become global by overcoming obstacles and persevering through challenges.

I believe that there is beauty in growth and I am thankful that each obstacle has allowed my business to grow into what it is today. Our reputation precedes the rest because of our ability to professionally create timeless events and memories. Client consultations are done with precision and expertise. Our strategies are individualistic and our skills are above the rest in providing hassle-free services so you can enjoy your big day.

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