• Why hire Mise en Scéne Events

Planning for a wedding is a truly exhilarating time, however, there are so many details that go into making a wedding run smoothly. With a busy career and personal life, it can be difficult for couples to find the time and resources needed for such a task. We have the knowledge and experience needed to locate the most reputable vendors, negotiate prices, contracts, handle the myriad of details, and greatly reduce stress during the planning process. From the rehearsal to the end of your reception, we ensure that all of your plans are executed flawlessly. As your “day-of coordinator,” we are the calming force, the troubleshooter, and the director.

  • How much do you charge?

Pricing is determined by many factors – how big is your wedding, where is your wedding located, what different types of services do you need us to help with, etc. Because each wedding is different and our couples have different wants and needs, we offer a free consultation! There’s no cost or obligation for this consultation, but more of a way for us to get to know each other and how we can best work together.

  • How do you charge for services?

As a full-service Wedding Consulting & Event Planning Company, our fees vary based on the client’s needs. For a typical “package” we charge either a competitively priced flat fee or, if only a few services are needed, we may charge per hour.

  • What is the retainer to secure your services?

At the time of booking, we expect a 30% retainer fee.

  • Since I have a limited budget, isn’t hiring a planner/consultant just an added expense?

Those with a more modest budget especially need a consultant. By helping you develop a realistic budget and prioritizing your desires, rest assured your money will be spent on what’s important to you. We recommend the very best vendors within your budget range and know when adjustments can be made in costs without sacrificing quality.

  • What if my venue offers a wedding coordinator?

This is a great question! Typically, venues have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue (and sometimes the food and beverage as well). An on-site coordinator is a person who works at your wedding venue (they probably showed you around, did your contract, etc.). They can answer your questions about the venue. Even though they are there on your wedding day, their responsibilities are for the venue and the bride is not their only focus.

We work for you as your day-of coordinator (DOC), not the venue. A DOC typically works with you a month or more before your big day. We will follow up with the vendors, and create a timeline for the wedding, and execute your vision. The DOC makes sure all your hard work and planning materializes into a gorgeous & stress-free event. There is a lot of work that goes into setting up a wedding, don’t spend the day worrying about how things are going. Leave it to the professionals! It is not in their job description to confirm your vendors, run your rehearsal, oversee the vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony, and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule.

  • Do you take complete control of the planning?

We can control as much as you would like. This is your wedding, your dream, and your personality; your vision of the day is the most important. Our role is to collaborate with you and provide inspiration and advice with the final decision being yours.

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